Available Locations:

Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire

The Benefits:

Practicing fitness or yoga with your colleagues has been proven to be highly beneficial for your business as a whole!

Here are some great reasons to include Yoga in your work day:

  • Staff can learn individual and group stress management
  • Happier staff are healthier, reducing sick days
  • Practising regular exercise increases overall energy, making your workforce more productive
  • Yoga or Fitness classes help to bring your staff together as a team, boosting morale
  • Yoga helps to reduce muscle tension, often brought about by an office lifestyle
  • Confidence is boosted by improved physical and mental strength
  • Meditation and Yoga have both been shown to improve concentration and focus

What Yoga Options Are Available?

I teach a range of Yoga styles and offer the following to Corporates:

  • Hatha Yoga, a calming, gentle stretch class, ideal for beginners and those who suffer from back pain,
  • Ashtanga Yoga, also known as Power Yoga, this is a dynamic class, suitable for intermediate to advance practitioners and a great morning option, to wake up your employees before starting their day!
  • Meditation & Pranayama Sessions, if stress is a concern in your office, a Meditation & Pranayama (breathing) session can really help to calm employees’ minds, helping to increase focus and reduce stress and anxiety

My Experience…

With experience working with international brands, such as Nestle, Amicorp, IMSERV and Tam International, I understand the needs of a Corporate Yoga Session. Whether your business is interested in including an annual Wellness Month or Yoga as a weekly part of your office life, I offer many options to help alleviate your employees stress and improve their general fitness, whilst boosting team spirit!


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