Who am I?

My name is Lettice and I am on the search for a balanced lifestyle!

Not just for me but for all of us!

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to live all over the world, from New Zealand to America and Mauritius to The United Kingdom! During my eight years away, I was able to work in the ski industry, as a Yoga Instructor and finally Running a Wellness, Food and Fitness Business.

Which is where I have stayed ….

I have stayed in the wellness and fitness industry for the last few years because it is my obsession. I am on a quest to bring health and happiness to the masses! And something I have learnt is that health and happiness are not always synonymous. You can be outwardly healthy without being happy.

I believe that the answer to my quest is about finding a lifestyle that suits you as an individual, from the food you eat to the fitness activities you participate, in to the way you spend your off-time.


How does the mind and body interlink?

The body’s emotions are maintained by the endocrine system, which manages your hormones. Keeping your endocrine system happy will help to keep your hormones in a balance.

But with too much stimulation, such as constant stress, or including too many processed and refined foods, such as white bread and sugar can cause you to produce excessive adrenaline and cortisol, which stimulates your Fight or Flight system. Increasing your stress further. Avoiding fats and not eating enough will send your body into starvation mode, making you either gain weight (as the body tries to hold onto whatever food is coming in) or lose weight.

We are all in a constant flux that should be maintained by creating a balanced lifestyle, in terms of exercise, stress reducing and nutrition. Therefore measuring your health by stepping on a set of scales or measuring your BMI isn’t exactly helpful or useful information!

Here’s why….


This is me over the last five years. Since I reached adulthood I have been a wide range of weights both in kilograms & in appearance. I have been on the chubby side, way too skinny & like Goldilocks, just right for me!

My chubbiest was in 2013 but I am not all that much of a different weight to what I am today but a VERY, VERY different shape!

I had just finished university, drank quite heavily, worked-out in a more cardio-based training style and ate a Western diet of pretty much whatever I wanted. I often got stomach cramps after eating and had poor digestion.

If we move on to 2017, you can see that I was very slim. It was an emotionally draining and incredibly stressful year for me and I moved away from weight lifting to cardio and yoga workouts only, due to time constraints.

I didn’t really consume alcohol and ate an Asian, almost vegetarian diet, rice and noodle dense, with a heavy reliance on Protein Shakes. My diet was typically Mauritian, except the protein shakes.

I was also overworking, doing 16 hours a day 6 days a week. I got a lot of headaches and joint pains and was probably at my least happiest.

For me personally, I never want to be this skinny again.

My body today is muscle dense, visibly so. I eat a balanced diet of fish, meat or vegetarian protein, a lot of green veg & carbs such as potato, brown rice, pasta or bread.

I consume approximately 3,500 calories per day but I do lead a very active lifestyle. If I want a treat I have a treat – shortbread makes me overwhelmingly happy!!! I rarely consume alcohol.

I don’t restrict my eating, some days I still have protein shakes if I am busy and need something in between teaching or training. I do a lot of yoga and weightlifting and I am trying to include more cardio but do walk regularly.

I am happy with my body, I am happy biologically, hormonally & mentally. I work much more sensible hours, sleep if I need sleep, eat if I am hungry.

So I hope that you can see that the actual weight I am doesn’t really matter but how I feel and what my lifestyle is like effects my body shape IMMENSELY! To give an ideal of scale I am 5’4ft / 164cm.



Why do I believe so strongly about balancing your mind & body?

Do you ever find yourself filled with guilt because you did something or said something or maybe because you didn’t do something?

I can think of a lot of people that I know, who feel guilty all the time: when they ate something that they deemed to be unhealthy, because they forgot something or maybe because they skipped the gym…

In fact, the world of health and fitness almost pushes you into extra guilt…

There is this idea that if you work-out every day and eat only lettuce, grilled chicken and brown rice you will look like a goddess or god!

But have you ever asked how these six-pack adorned, lean muscle machines feel?

I guarantee you that, on average, they are nutrient deficient and their hormones are screaming at them!

Why is that?

Well the real reason is we need fats, we need carbs, we need fibre, we need protein…. We need all of it!

We need every single food group to help our body be balanced.

And it isn’t just food that is crucial to balancing our bodies. Rest, fresh air, learning to breathe to your full capabilities and exercise are all equally important too!

That’s the real message I want to leave you with, I want to help you to create a balanced lifestyle, with a healthy and happy approach to food, fitness, mental health and your general wellness!

How Can I Help You?

I offer a Restore Balance 12 Week tailored Programme, online recipes, real-time one-on-one cooking classes, yoga classes and privates, as well as meditation guidance, fitness events, corporate wellness and motivational speaking ….

…. My Aim is to help you tackle your health head-on, whether you want to change your weight (up or down) or you feel that now is the time to make yourself feel happier, more balanced and increase your ability to perform at your best in everyday life, from your focus to fitness. Health is about learning to take a break too, after all!

I also hope to dissuade you of any need to feel guilty about your approach to health, save the guilt for when you forgot your significant other’s birthday!

I am not here to get you counting calories, skipping your favourite foods or forcing you to spend hours on the treadmill! None of that is achievable as a long-term lifestyle, mainly because you won’t enjoy it and therefore the results won’t outweigh the sacrifice!

So lets get started, you can download my 14 day Body & Mind balance Challenge plan by signing up to my weekly newsletter!

Or You can check out my 12 Week Restore Balance Tailored Programme, Yoga Classes or my most recent blog article!